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Rashid Latif: Limit England tour to T20Is only

Rashid Latif, the former Pakistani wicket-keeper, has presented his idea to shorten the Pakistan tour of England and to keep it limited to T20 matches only.

Latif has suggested eliminating the test matches from the tour in order to keep it short. Considering the current situation created by the global crisis, Coronavirus, Rashid Latif thinks that the two boards, PCB and ECB, shall discuss the matter and shall choose to eliminate the Test cricket for now.

He also said that playing T20 can be beneficial for both boards as they might generate a surplus amount of money.

As the ICC T20 World Cup is near, Latif thinks that there will be no better chance than now focusing entirely on T20 cricket to practice for the mega-event.

Rashid Latif: Limit England tour to T20Is only

“There should be options at the two board’s disposal as far as the Test series is concerned. I would not go for Test matches at the initial six-month stage. The next event is the T20 World Cup. I would ask them for six or seven T20 matches instead of the Tests,” he said.

“This would also help the team prepare for the upcoming global event. We don’t know yet if the event will go as planned in Australia because all governments will create new policies due to the epidemic.”

“T20s happen in just one day and if we want to look at it financially it would provide both boards some help during these hard times.”

“This is not an easy decision to make. We will have to wait and see what the situation is along with the policies being formed by the ECB, United Kingdom’s government, and the PCB,” he said.

“The PCB cannot just accept the ECB’s invitation and go there because they can make money. This involves traveling which is the greatest challenge. The players will be at risk which makes this a hard decision.”

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