“No hesitation in removing Misbah from the posts”, says Ehsan Mani

As of late chosen head coach and chief selector of Pakistani Cricket Team, Misbah ul Haq, who additionally has been delegated as head coach of Islamabad United, has been confronting a lot of analysis on his twofold or triple jobs as the group is yet to dominate a game under his instructing and choice.

Director of The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Ehsan Mani has discussed Misbah’s double job in PCB saying that choice was assumed for the sake of ease of players. It was done so the there would be no problematic criteria in correspondence for players with their mentor.

“I had said earlier that there will be no conflict of interest, and I still stand by it, but in Misbah’s case we were told that he already had a contract with Islamabad United so we had to honor it”, Mani told about the former captain’s issue of conflict of interest.

The chairman of the PCB has couldn’t help contradicting the thought that Misbah is calling all shots without any assistance, saying that, “he has an independent committee of six regional selectors who have a say in the selection policy and the final decision is a unanimous one”.

The finish of Mani’s meeting incorporates that, we are in an early days and starting stage after the choice has been taken. In the event that the choice won’t turn out, at that point we are prepared to amend the board’s mix-up inside a year.

“It’s early days but if this decision does not work out, in the next year or so, we will have no hesitation in removing Misbah from the role.”

Zainab Shafiq

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