Nazia Nazir managed to become women’s cricket umpire against all odds

Nazia Nazir, born in Okara turned her dream into reality and occupies position as a women cricket umpire. The potential and passion she has for games have brought her to this field.

In PCB’s umpire panel, there were nine female umpires. They have applied for their position as a umpire and also attended workshop in Lahore. The names of the females who were interested in this field are,

1)Afia Amin

2)Humaira Farah

3)Nazia Nazir

4)Sabahat Rasheed

5)Shakila Rafiq

6)Nuzhat Sultana

7)Riffat Mustafa

8)Samera Aftab

9)Saleema Imtiaz

Women umpires of PCB include Nazia Nazir

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Nazia Nazir, who was also among those 9 females defined that she is from the area where women are consider less than men. There is lack of socialism in the society from where she belongs to. She played cricket secretly during her intermediate days so that her parents remained unaware. Her passion today has led her to where she dreamt of years back.

She said,

 “Due to opposition of my family members and despite working hard, I couldn’t represent Pakistan national team. I didn’t lose my hope there and decided to remain attached to the game and therefore pursued umpiring.”

She is one of the six lady umpires who are umpiring in ongoing triangular tournament which has begun on Tuesday in Lahore. While defining her inner self when she was on the pitch for the first time where all her dreams begin to be true, she said,

“A night before supervising a local match, I couldn’t believe I was actually supervising the match and in excitement, couldn’t sleep all night. I still have no words to express how I felt when I was standing and supervising a women’s inter-departmental match.”

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