Multan Sultans owner believes, PSL shall happen on the field

Because of the Coronavirus that is being spread all around the globe, PCB had declared a deferral in PSL. The semi-finals were booked to be played on seventeenth March, however, the move had been made to delay the competition.

In the event that, if the competition were canceled, the trophy of the victors would be given to Multan Sultans for being prevailing in the entire of the alliance. It is likewise the general of any game that if any disturbance happens, the trophy is given to the topper. This is the karma that they have right now, PSL.

Multan Sultans is the group of the PSL 2020, which had stayed best and slanting of all. Being on the HBL PSL 2020 standings, Sultans are the most meriting ones for the trophy.

However, Ali Khan Tareen, the owner of Multan Sultans, believes that the result of the game is decided on the field. He says the winner shall not be selected on the basis of current ratings as Lahore Qalandars have remained the potent of all for the first time across the tournament.

“This would be a huge injustice against the teams who have qualified. Especially Lahore Qalandars who qualified after so long and had a genuine shot of winning,” he tweeted

“IA we will all get to see the remaining games (even without foreigners). Give our local talent more chances to shine.”

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