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Misbah ul Haq elected as chief selector, and head coach

Misbah ul Haq, who has recently left cricket committee and applied for head coach position, is now elected as for the desired position along with Waqar Younis as the Bowling Coach.

New head coach of Team Pakistan, Misbah ul Haq

Misbah ul Haq, by PCB has been named as the head coach and chief selector chairman of Pakistan Cricket Team on Wednesday. Misbah has been chosen on a three year contract with Waqar Younis as the bowling coach.

A couple of days before, interviews of numerous candidates were taken by five-member panel of  board. The names that were in charge of interviews are:

•Intikhab Alam

•Bazid Khan

•Asad Ali Khan

•Wasim Khan

•Zakir Khan

Misbah in his conference said,

“First of all i would like to thank you all for selecting me as head coach of the team. It will be very humble for me. As well as, also a very big responsibility. I’d not have applied for the head coach position if i would not be aware about the high expectations, so I’ll try to overcome challenges and roles.”

CEO Wasim Khan informed in the conference that six cricket association coaches will be working with Misbah in international cricket and also in PSL. PCB have announced that batting coach position is still vacant. It would be Misbah’s choice either to appoint someone as a batting coach or to continue himself for this post as well, as he was the batsman also. In addition, Misbah has opportunity to pick up helping staff himself.

Applicants Misbah and Waqar received the desired positions.

Wasim Khan further made announcements about selection committee, and formal selection committee to which PCB have put a dismissal. No changes have taken place in the fielding coach. Accoridng to the new head coach, it’s up to the player that how much he run and is fit. Fielding coach’s task is to provide them the direction to work with. Captain’s decision will be valuable.

Misbah talked about the lack of professionalism, discipline and consistency in the team. He said,

“The most important thing according to me is professionalism. We are lacking behind due to less discipline and professionalism. Fitness tests will be there on regular basis or maybe day after two in order to check fat level. We don’t have consistent batting line-up. The thing we need to develop is professionalism and be consistent. So, we can fulfill the gap that differentiate us from world class teams like Australia, England and India. We will achieve the feat when we will work more and more on fitness. It’s not like that player will start training month before the tournament, but they have to maintain discipline on regular basis.”

No personality clash will be there with the new bowling coach “Waqar Younis”

 Waqar was one of the brillinat Pakistani bowler. He has served as bowling coach and as head coach before as well. In 2006, he was chosen as the bowling coach and assumed his job till 2007 preceding he ventured down. He confronted analysis after group didn’t make it to semi finals in India in T20 WC 2016. Additionally, he had served Team as local coach in 2009-10 and 2010-11 also.

Misbah ul Haq on being asked about if there would be any sort of clash within the authority, said,

“Since, Waqar and I have worked together in PSL PSL also in international cricket. So we’ve Frank bond and we know each other very well. We will probably be respecting views of each other. There will be no any personality clash as we never do interfere in each other’s domain.”

Before been appointed as head coach, Misbah presented an application for head coach job, he was the part of the Pakistan Cricket Committee. He recommended to the board to not restore the agreement of Mickey Arthur and the other care staff after Pakistan’s gathering exit in the 2019 World Cup. Then, he left his job and submitted an application for the head coach. Therefore, succeeded today.

The primary undertaking for Misbah ul Haq as head coach will be the up and coming home arrangement against Sri Lanka. Arrangement will begin from 27th September 2019 where Waqar Younis will have his impact as bowling coach.



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