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Jos Buttler: Big shame IPL 2020 is not going ahead

Jos Buttler, the wicket-keeping batsman of England, calls postponement of Indian Premier League (IPL) a shame that it is not taking place on time due to Coronavirus pandemic.

He has called IPL a massive and cash-rich league. Jos Buttler says that many international players will not be able to take part in the league due to restrictions caused by Coronavirus.

“Of course, that might mean certain players might be unavailable. They will have to work through as the situation unfolds,” he concluded.

Jos Buttler, who plays for Rajhastan Royals, highlighted the importance of IPL by saying,

“I don’t know any more than you know about when IPL would be played or people talking about whether it can be pushed back. At the moment, everything is quite indefinite as no one knows how long it will last. So, it can’t be decided at the moment when it could or could not happen,”

“As for the stature of the tournament, it’s a massive, massive tournament. Revenue that is involved in IPL is massive. It is a very important competition to cricket and it’s a big shame that it’s not going ahead or whether it does have the way to push it in the schedule and allow it,” the news website ESPNcricinfo quoted Buttler.

It is to be noted that IPL was to be kicked off by 29th March, Amid Coronavirus pandemic, the window has been shifted to 15th April. However, it can further be delayed.

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