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Jason Holder: We only make money when India or England tour us

Jason Holder, the West Indies all-rounder, believes the smaller boards such as West Indies Cricket Board are money deficit and make money only when teams like India and England visit us.

Mentioning The Big Three, India, England, and Australia, Holder believes only these countries are capable to host international cricket.

He says if the situation continues like this, the smaller territories will soon not be able to play international cricket. After being dropped to two-three from four-five matches per series, more concessions cannot be bear.

Jason Holder: We only make money when India or England tour us

“If something doesn’t happen soon we’ll see less international cricket being played by smaller countries because we simply can’t afford it,” Holder said as quoted by ESPN Cricinfo. “We’ve gone from having four, five-match series, down to two and three. And it’s very difficult to host any more than that for us, particularly the Caribbean,” he added.

“We only really make money from England, and I think India,” Holder said,
“We break even with Pakistan and Australia, and all the rest of the series we play are losses. But in these trying times only England, Australia, and India can probably host cricket. Outside of that, the smaller territories are struggling financially to get cricket on.”

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