IPL 2020 suspended indefinitely; no cancelation

Sports activities all across the globe have been brought to a standstill amid the Coronavirus. IPL 2020 is one of the sports scenarios that have got cancelled.

IPL was scheduled for 29th March but the situational crisis did not allow it. It was rescheduled for a new window of April-May, neither that happened.

As India’s government has extended the duration of the lockdown due to health crisis, there are no probable chances of IPL to get staged. However, sources have made it cleared that it is only a temporary postponement. The cash-rich league has not been cancelled definitely.

“BCCI is looking towards the end of the year for a window, probably September onwards. As of now, seeing the current world situation they do not want to take any hasty step that will affect the future of the sport or the people of India,” a BCCI source told Sportskeeda.

“IPL 2020 suspended indefinitely, not cancelled, said a source.

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Zainab Shafiq

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