Dean Jones bashes PSL’s mind-boggling security for killing the fun of touring

Previous Australian cricketer Dean Jones has mourned over how expanded security and extra prudent steps taken during the Pakistan Super League (PSL) “slaughters the enjoyment of visiting”, as indicated by his segment for The Sydney Morning Herald.

The analyst had reviewed minutes from his voyage through Pakistan and said that his visits comprised of playing and “visiting neighborhood advertises and getting a charge out of the way of life”. Anyway as indicated by the Test incredible, global visits have lost their appeal as players are never again given the freedom to go past their intensely watched lodgings.

“Today, players are whisked off their international flight and placed in bullet and bomb-proof buses with army security that’s mind-boggling,” said Dean Jones.

“Players are cooped up in their rooms like prison cells, the security just won’t let you out.”

Added to this, Jones said that during his residency as the PSL lead trainer uncovered the genuine ramifications of the measures over players’ psychological wellness.

“As a head coach in the Pakistan Super League, I know that when players have too much time to themselves, they have a tendency to think too much. They begin dwelling on how they got out or personal issues. Their minds can become their enemies,” he warned.

“With this level of security, players can’t help but think that we must seriously be a target to someone.”

Moreover, the Aussie mentor communicated his harshness over remote players, mentors and staff tolerating more prominent compensation to partake in the group and suggested that the outside players’ lives held more noteworthy incentive over their lesser paid partners.

“During the recent PSL, many players were paid extra appearance money to play in Pakistan. I was furious over this decision; it meant that these players’ lives were more important than ours,” he said.

“Some players said they would not go to Pakistan due to the security and potential terrorist threats yet accepted extra money to tour when it was offered.

“I am confused with their intentions and priorities. Is money now more important than their safety?” he questioned.

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