Coronavirus: Sultans to get trophy if league won’t continue

Because of the Coronavirus that is being spread all around the globe, PCB has declared a deferral in PSL. The semi-finals were booked to be played on seventeenth March, however, the move has been made to delay the competition.

In the event that, if the competition were canceled, the trophy of the victors would be given to Multan Sultans for being prevailing in the entire of the alliance. It is likewise the general of any game that if any disturbance happens, the trophy is given to the topper. This is the karma that they have right now, PSL.

Multan Sultans is the group of the PSL 2020, which has stayed best and slanting of all. Being on the HBL PSL 2020 standings, Sultans are the most meriting ones for the trophy.

Prior, due to Coronavirus, it was uncovered that the last would be played on 18 March, and the elimination rounds, LQvsKK and MSvsPZ, were rescheduled for now.

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Zainab Shafiq

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