BCCI: The hopes for organizing IPL rises

The chances for organizing the Indian Premier League (IPL) might be sufficient as the government has released the guidelines for “unlock 1.0′. As there is a little ease, BCCI can go for the window of October-November as reports from Australia signs towards the cancellation for the T20 World Cup.

BCCI: The hopes for organizing IPL rises, government releases ‘Unlock 1.0’

“Based on an assessment of the situation, dates for restarting following will be decided for international air travel of passengers, gymnasiums, swimming pools, social/political/sports/entertainment/academic/cultural/religious functions and large congregations,” read the order issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The treasurer of BCCI, Arun Dhumal, opined that if the situation gets better, they can plan for future cricket as well.

“It’s positive. If international travel resumes, and sporting activities will be allowed, then we can plan for the future,” he was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times.

Arun Dhumal thinks to take a large pool of players for the training camp will bring hardships amidst the Coronavirus outbreak. To wait for the things to be normalised is on the agenda along with individual players working in their respective cities following the guidelines of the state government.

“As far as getting a pool of players together for a camp, again we will have to wait for things to normalise further. What we can have for now is individual players working in facilities in their respective cities, based on advice from state governments,” said Dhumal.

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