‘Andy Roberts is not his father’ Suleiman qadir opens up on Naseem’s age controversy

The controversial debate over Naseem Shah’s age came to light after an interview given by Andy Roberts back in 2016 that has now seek attraction of everyone. In that interview, former West Indies player has been spotted talking about young prodigy, who according to him was 16-year old at that time.

Presently, Suleiman Qadir, Naseem’s childhood coach denied with every of the cases that are being made debated with his age. Indeed, he said that Andy Roberts isn’t his dad. In further clarification, Qadir recounted that the youthful bowler went to his institute when he was 12-year-old.

“Andy Roberts is not Naseem Shah’s father. I can guarantee you that he is 16 years of age. He came to our academy some 4 years ago and was twelve then,” Suleiman, son of late spin legend Abdul Qadir said as quoted by Asian Age.

“He has undergone Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) conducted bones tests and a panel of doctors had also confirmed his age. Yes, in the past I do agree that in the absence of birth-certificates the age of certain cricketers was questioned. But in the case of Naseem Shah, he already has a birth certificate and a smart card. In our country, Smart Card becomes a National Identity Card when a person crosses 18 and Naseem is still holding the Smart Card.” he added.

The youthful cricketer had given a look at his deadly pace and how risky he can be with the ball during a warm-up game wherein he tricked Australian batsmen with the speed. They were thinking that its hard to play strokes against Naseem Shah. Later on, in his presentation coordinate, he took a valuable wicket of David Warner, who played a long distance race thump of 154 runs.

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The youngest quick bowling wonder had hoarded the spotlight even before breaking into the national side. He intrigued everybody with his deadly and exactness at a youthful age of 16. Before long, the pacer went onto get his first international game in the more extended configuration against Australia in Brisbane at the Gabba. In any case, a debate identified with his age disarray eclipsed him. Presently, his youth mentor has thought of appropriate explanations over Naseem Shah’s age.


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